Scrabble, Cribbage & Cryptic Crosswords

The founders of are very keen Scrabble players along with Cribbage and Crossword solving (whether ordinary or cryptic). With Scrabble, there have been many a 7 or 8 letter word which has presented itself to the player, of which have scored greatly. Below is a selection of words that have been found by the Ourwalks team whilst playing Scrabble or from completed crosswords which have baffled (good scrabble word that) and need highlighting with explanation...

. Elucidate - Expand upon, explain further
. Beefwood - Australian tree with bark so red, it resembles beef
. Incommode - Hinder, inconvenience... "We have been incommoded by this want of room !"
. Toilsome - Fatigue, hard work.... "There is nothing toilsome about this pleasant walk !"
. Urnlike - Similar to that of an Urn which is a decorative vase
. Dopamine - a catecholamine neurotransmitter in the central nervous system, retina, and sympathetic ganglia, acting within the brain to help regulate movement and emotion: its depletion may cause Parkinson's disease
. Hoaxers - something intended to deceive or defraud: The Piltdown man was a scientific hoax
. Squills - the bulb of the sea onion, Urginea maritima, of the lily family, cut into thin slices and dried, and used in medicine chiefly as an expectorant
. Upstaged - 1. to overshadow (another performer) by moving upstage and forcing the performer to turn away from the audience.
2. to outdo professionally, socially, etc.
3. to behave snobbishly toward
. Oxyacid - an inorganic acid containing oxygen
. Carageen - Irish edible moss
. Snorters - A person or thing that snorts
. Floored - 1. To knock something to the ground
2. Surface area on which to walk upon
. Petunias - any garden plant belonging to the genus Petunia, of the nightshade family, native to tropical America, having funnel-shaped flowers of various colors
. Curette - A scoop or ring with either a blunt or a cutting edge, for removing substances from the walls of a cavity, as from the eye, ear, or womb
. Argonaut - 1.Classical Mythology. a member of the band of men who sailed to Colchis with Jason in the ship Argo in search of the Golden Fleece.
2.(sometimes lowercase) a person in quest of something dangerous but rewarding; adventurer.
3.a person who moved to California during the gold rush of 1849
. Overman - A supervisor, a workleader, an overseer. OR... too many men manning a work place or site.
. Kantele - Instrument played in Russia

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